Description of the event:

Wasatah Capital Company in its capacity as the fund manager of Al Waha REIT Fund, announces signing a lease contract with Shumou Food Trading Company (Owned by a related party) to rent Showroom No. 2 in the Shahad Offices and Showrooms Building for a period of one year ending May 2025G for a total amount of 277,200 Saudi Riyals excluding VAT , which represents 1.39% of the total revenues of the Fund based on the audited financial statements issued at the end of 2023G.

The resulted impact from the occurrence of the event:

Increase in fund’s occupancy rations and decreases the vacancies rations.

Other Information:

Shumou Food Trading Company is 60% owned by Shumou Commercial Investment Company Limited (Major Unitholder & property manager of some of the Fund’s properties as per what was disclosed in the fund’s terms and conditions) and 40% by Mr. Abdulaziz bin Fahd bin Mugayel (Shareholder in Shumou Commercial Investment Company Limited and a major unitholder in the fund).