AL Wasatah Al Maliah (Wasatah Capital) announces an update of the terms and conditions of AlWaha REIT fund as of 16/07/1444 H corresponding to 07/02/2023 G.  A summary of the main updated items are as follows:

Restructuring the fund board of directors by adding a fourth dependent member, so that the fund’s structure becomes as follows:


-          Mr. Bader bin Fahad bin Muqail (Chairman of the Fund Board of Directors/dependent member).

-          Mr. Saud bin Othman Al-Rashudi (dependent member).

-          Mr. Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Muzaini (Independent member).

-          Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan (Independent member).


The updated terms and conditions can be found in the

attached file.