Wasatah capital in its capacity as the fund manager of Alwaha REIT fund announces the results of Alwaha REIT fund’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the Parallel Market (Nomu)

Fund’s name

Alwaha REIT fund

The date of the end of the Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Thursday 17/03/1444 H corresponding to 13/10/2022 G

The collected amounts for the entire fund (in SR.)

177,026,072.80 Saudi Riyals

Details of the collected amount


In-Kind Subscriptions: 78.49% of the fund's capital as which represents a number of 11,772,931 units with an amount of 117,729.310 Saudi riyals have been allocated as for the real estate properties sellers whose ownership will be transferred to the fund.


Cash Subscriptions: 21.51% of the fund's capital was allocated to the public through the cash offering of 3,227,069 units which represent an amount of 32,270,690 Saudi riyals, and the coverage ratio was 179.62% which represent an amount of 59,296,762.80 Saudi riyals.

Date of Fund operation

Within a maximum period of (60) working days from the date of the end of the offering