Approved By CMA on 9th December 2015

Risk Profile: High Fund Currency: SAR Unit Price Inception: SAR 1,000


Wasatah Saudi Equity Fund It is an open-ended investment fund that is compliant with Shariah Standard. It aims to develop capital in the medium and long term by investing in shares of companies listed on the Saudi stock market that comply with Shariah Standard. The fund invests in shares of companies listed in the Saudi stock market. Tadawul” and in the parallel market “Nomu.” The fund may also invest in each of the initial offerings and the priority rights that are tradable in the Saudi market, including the remaining priority rights, in addition to investing in local stock funds, including the initial public offering funds licensed by the Capital Market Authority, whether they are managed by the fund manager himself or another manager. Also, the fund may invest in units of real estate funds (REITs) and exchange-traded funds, taking into account that all investments are in compliance with Shariah Standard and within the permissible investment range. According to what was mentioned in the terms and conditions of the fund, the fund will not distribute any cash or capital profits to the subscribers and the distributed profits will be reinvested in the fund.


  • Fund shall invest in stock listed on the Saudi Stock Market.
  • Fund can invest in IPOS, right issues and rump offerings.
  • Fund shall invest in other similar strategy equity fund and IPO funds.
  • Fund shall look for fundamentally good investment opportunities having attractive risk-return profile.
  • The Fund may also, invest in shariah-compliant REITs and stocks listed on Nomu Market.
  • • Fund may also, from time to time, invest in short-term Islamic money market instruments.
Currency of the Fund SAR
Level of Risk High
Fund Start Date 01/02/2016
Unit Price Upon Offering  1,000.00 SAR
Size of the fund  0.00 SAR
Type of Fund Open Ended Public Fund
Subscription & Redemption Twice a week
Fund Manager Wasatah Capital
Custodian Albilad Capital
Regulator Capital Market Authority
Auditors BDO
Sharia’h Advisors Sharia’h Review Bureau
Benchmark Ideal Ratings Saudi Islamic Index
The number of days of the weighted average 55
Subscription Fee 1.00% of Subscription
Management Fee 1.25% per annum
Administration & Custody Fee Up to 0.80% per annum
Redemption Fees Not applicable
Other Fees Refer to Terms & Conditions
Min Initial Participation SAR 10,000/-
Min Additional Participation SAR 5,000/-
Min Required Balance SAR 10,000/-
Dealing Days Monday & Wednesday
Valuation Day Every business Day

* Refer to Fund Terms & Conditions for detailed Fund Information, Fees and Expenses and other information




Olaya Main Street
P.O. Box 50315, Riyadh 11523
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 11 494 4067
Fax: +966 11 494 4205

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