Approved by CMA on 14th January 2015

Risk Profile: High Fund Currency: SAR Unit Price at Inception: SAR 1,000


Wasatah IPO Fund is a shariah compliant open –ended investment fund that aims to achieve mid to long-term capital appreciation and provide its investors with positive returns (on an after all-expenses basis). The fund primarily invests in initial public offerings (IPOS) and stocks for companies listed within the 5 years on Saudi Stock Market including Investing in REITs and Nomu Market. Also, it invests in rights issues including rump offerings within 5 years. Fund reinvests all realized capital gains and/or any investment income and shall not make any dividend distributions to its unit holders.


  • The Fund shall participate in new Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
  • The Fund shall invest in shariah-compliant stocks listed within the last 5 years on Saudi Stock Exchange.
  • The Fund shall invest in shariah-compliant small and med cap stocks listed on Saudi Stock Exchange.
  • The Fund shall look for fundamentally good investment opportunities having attractive return/risk profile.
  • The Fund may also, invest in shariah-compliant REITs and stocks listed on Nomu Market.
  • The Fund may also, from time to time, invest in short-term Islamic money market instruments.
  • The Fund may also participate in secondary offerings i.e., rights issues and/or rump offering.
  • For Risks of investment in Fund, refer to T&C.


Inception Date 8/2/2015
Type Open Ended Fund
Subscription & Redemption Twice a week
Fund Manager Wasatah Capital
Custody Albilad Capital
Regulator Capital Market Authority
Auditors BDO
Sharia’h Advisors Sharia’h Review Bureau
Benchmark Provider Ideal Ratings IPO
Subscription Fee 1.50% of Subscription
Management Fee 1.70%  per annum
Administration & Custody Fee Up to 0.80% per annum
Redemption Fees Not applicable
Other Fees Refer to Terms & Conditions
Min Initial Participation SAR 10,000/-
Min Additional Participation SAR 5,000/-
Min Required Balance SAR 10,000/-
Dealing Days Monday & Wednesday
Valuation Day Every business Day

* Refer to Fund Terms & Conditions for detailed Fund Information, Fees and Expenses and other information


Quarterly Information - Wasatah IPO fund as the end of 3rd Quarter 2018. 


Top Holdings as of first day of the quarter.  
Rank Name Holding Holding Value
(in million SR)
1 Middle East Healthcare Co 9.80% 2.98  
2 Alandalus Property Co 7.70%      2.34  
3 Saudi Ground Services Co 6.48%  1.97  
4 Lazurde 5.17%    1.57  
5 Electrical Industries Co. 2.63% 0.80  
6 Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co. 1.40% 0.43  
7  National Industrialization Co.  0.95% 0.29     
 8  Zahrat Al Waha  0.40% 0.12   
Fees and Expenses  
% of total fees and charges of the quarter to the average of the net assets value of the fund.   0.59%  
The amount and percentage of the quarter’s dealing expenses to the public fund’s average net assets value.   0.02%  
Fund Manager's Investment in the fund as the end of the Quarter  
Fund Name Name Holding Holding Value
(in million SR)
Wasatah IPO Fund Wasatah Capital 60.08%             16.63    
Standards and index to measures the risks     
  Fund Benchmark    
Standard Deviaton  6.24% 12.60%    
Beta 0.42 1    
  Fund’s performance standards and index.
  Performance Since Inception YTD This Month This Quarter
Wasatah IPO Fund -16.84 -3.82 -1.92 -3.82
Benchmark - IDEALRATING IPO Index -48.01 -20.23 -4.80 -20.23
Return on investment in the fund  
  Since Inception  -16.84%
  For 3 Years -10.45%
  For 5 Years  N/A
  For 10 Years  N/A
Amount and % distributed profit in the quarter.
Percentage of borrowings to the fund’s net assets value at the end of the quarter.






Olaya Main Street
P.O. Box 50315, Riyadh 11523
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 11 494 4067
Fax: +966 11 494 4205

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