Assets Management


Wasatah Capital provides customized portfolio management services and asset allocation advisory services to semi-government institutions, insurance companies, family offices and high net worth individuals. Based on the changing global market conditions, our services are centered on these four pillars:

  •     Wasatah IPO Fund.
  •     Wasatah Saudi Equity Fund.
  •     Discretionary Portfolio Management.
  •    Wealth Advisory and Management.


We also plan to provide collective investment instruments based on evolving market dynamics and unique investment theme.The company had over SAR 537.27 million in asset under management as of April 2017 .  



Investment Philosophy:

Fundamental Research & Market Timing:

As value investors, we aim to invest in a selection of securities that adds optimal value to our clients’ portfolios, with a reasonable level of risk. Consequentially, the process also involves observing a disciplined selling process.

Thorough Assessment of the Client’s Requirements:

Our primary objective is to achieve optimal total returns on the assets under our management, commensurate with the degree of risk specified as acceptable by the client. A full understanding of client’s performance objectives and risk tolerance is indispensable to the process.

Strong Emphasis on Consistency of Returns & Preservation of Capital:

We apply a disciplined buy and sell approach to every security in our clients' portfolio, and strive to provide clients' with a consistent return in the medium and long term.


Investment Process:

At Wasatah, we strive to construct and manage high-quality portfolios that meet the objectives of our clients by deploying internal and third-party research, adhering to the investment strategy discipline, taking a long-term approach and focusing on diversification as a tool to risk management.

Our investment process is the result of our belief in the applicability of business cycles as well as a combination of macroeconomic and securities analysis for investment opportunities.